Photos 10/26/14

October 30, 2014

tj and wendy


Kenny rachelle




Tweetable Truths 10/26/14

October 27, 2014


“When we pray, ‘Your Kingdom come,’ we’re declaring that God is our King.”

“If God is our Heavenly Father and our King, then not only are we citizens of his Kingdom, but we’re also children of the King!”

“As children of the King, God gives us the Kingdom!”

“God’s Kingdom is here, and God’s Kingdom is still to come.”

“The Kingdom has already come because King Jesus has already come. The Kingdom resides where the King rules.”

“The Kingdom of God will continue to come because Jesus lives in Christians, and because Jesus is coming again.”

“The primary purpose of prayer is to accomplish God’s will on earth, so he can receive the glory.”

“Acknowledge God’s Authority and Promote his Purpose!”

“Heavenly Father, please use me to bring up there down here.”