Newkidz Sept. 14During the month of September, children in k5 – 5th grades will learn about responsibility. The theme is “Opportunity Knocks: Responsibility Opens the Door.”

We define responsibility as “showing you can be trusted with what’s expected of you.”

We want children not only to understand how to respond to the abilities God has given them, but also how to respond to God’s ability to work through them to change the world around them.

This month, let’s think about how:

(1) God has proven he can be trusted.

(2) When we trust God and respond to Him with our abilities, we are being responsible.

(3) When we are responsible, we are a light to others. They will glorify God because of how they see Him at work in us. 

This month’s memory verse says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” (Luke 16:10a, NIV)

Baptism is our spiritual birth announcement!” (from Baptism Party Sunday, 8/31/14)

T. J. Ward