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We’re kicking off our Christmas series this Sunday, and we’d love for you to be our guest!

Join us as we as we search for truth in some of Hollywood’s most popular Christmas movies. We’ll take a look at their story lines and see what the Bible has to say about how to approach these topics during this special time of the year.

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Tweetable Truths 11/16/14

November 16, 2014


“Faith in God Transforms our Trials into Trust.”

“When we ask God to ‘lead us,’ we are submitting ourselves to Him as followers.”

“When we trust God in our trials, we grow in our faith, and God receives glory!”

“We fight FROM victory, not for victory.”

“Jesus gave his life, so we could be set free!”

“Powerful Prayer is Positioned in Praise!”

“The phrase, ‘Yours is the kingdom’ acknowledges that God is our King, and we are submitting to his rule in our lives.”

“Praying the way Jesus taught us is an investment in eternity.”