Communion Sunday

September 30, 2014

Communion Sunday

This Sunday at New Church, we’re focusing on God’s grace through Communion.

If you’ve ever wondered about the significance behind Communion, this is the perfect Sunday for you to join us. We’ll look at what the Apostle Paul said about this extremely important church ordinance, and we’ll discover why we approach it the way we do.

If you’re thinking about attending New Church for the first time on Sunday, we would be honored to have you as our guest! You’ll find a place with friendly people, excellent children’s environments, rock’n music, and practical teaching!

Tweetable Truths from 9/28/14

September 29, 2014


“God is faithful, and he is for you!”

“Tithe means tenth.  The first ten percent of all you receive belongs to God.”

“Tithing is not a tip.  Tithing requires trust.”

“Because everything we have comes from God, we desire to bring him glory by openhandedly giving our finances, abilities, and time to further the message of Jesus Christ!”

“God is a generous God.  He allows us to keep 90% of everything he gives us.”

“Tithing is an unchanging principle established by an unchanging God.”

“Grace always gives more!”

“When you truly understand grace, you’ll want to give more, not b/c you’ve “got to” but because you “get to!”

“You’ll never be able to afford to tithe until you start tithing because your money will never be blessed until you give the first tenth of it to God!”

“God doesn’t need your money, but you need God’s blessings!”

“The principle of the tithe precedes the promise of God’s blessings!”

“Tithing requires Trust because Tithing is a Test!”

“Tithing is a test. Every time you receive income, you decide whether or not you will trust God.”

“You can trust God with the tithe because he teaches to the test!”