Tweetable Truths 10/19/14

October 19, 2014


“The Lord’s Prayer begins by addressing relationships—our relationships with other believers and our relationship with God.”

“God is ‘our’ Father, not just my Father and your Father.”

“The word ‘our’ reminds us not to pray selfishly for anything that would negatively impact another believer or another church.”

“The phrase ‘Our Father’ refers to God’s nearness to us, while the phrase ‘in heaven’ reminds us of his difference from us.”

“God is high above us, but he chose to live among us by sending Jesus to earth to rescue us.”

“God is our Father, so we can come to him boldly, but he is also our ‘Father in heaven,’ so we should approach him respectfully.”

“Jesus is saying we should begin our prayers by recognizing who God is and then worshiping him.”

“The phrase, ‘Hallowed be Your name.’ is an invitation to pause and reflect on God’s greatness.”

“Jesus brought us near to a holy God!”

“It’s important to recognize God as Father and respect him as holy.”

“A prayerful relationship with God results in powerful worship of God.”

Baptism Party 8-31-14

October 16, 2014