How does this transition impact New Church’s ministry?

New Church exists to help people belong, so they can become new through Jesus! Over the last eight years, those of us who call New Church home have seen this vision become a reality hundreds of times.  New Church will continue its ministry as is through the transition. We will see you Sunday at 9:00 and 10:30!  

How does this transition impact #MYNC? 

The transition has no impact on New Church’s commitment to the #MYNC initiative that runs through February 2020.   We continue to work towards the ministry goals outlined in the #MYNC statement:

We will invest in our COMMUNITY through our first permanent campus and our community outreach partnerships. We will invest in our CULTURE through strategic leadership development and intentional racial reconciliation efforts. We will invest in CHURCH PLANTING through our current church-planting partnerships and two additional church plants.

The church has contacted its ministry partners both within the Winston-Salem community and outside of it and committed to continuing prayer and financial support.   

Plans continue for New Church’s first permanent campus, while continuing to wait on God’s timing.  Significant progress towards our first permanent campus has been made due to sacrificial giving during the #MYNC initiative.

How is this transition impacting New Church staff? 

Extra layers of support for the staff are being added during this time of transition.  Staff are committed to the ministry of New Church and have rallied behind the congregation, their ministry areas, and the Elder Board.  There are no plans for any staffing changes during the transition. On a day to day basis T.J. continues to lead the staff in ministry tasks.

What’s the role of the Elder Board, and who are they?

The Elder Board is comprised of three persons from the congregation.  They are tasked with providing oversight and counsel for the staff of New Church.  Each current member has served on the board for at least three years and has been involved in the decision to purchase the property as well as the #MYNC initiative.  The Elder Board is made up of all volunteers who are doing their best to lead through this transition.  They covet your prayers and ask for grace throughout this process. Board members are:

Nathan Hughes

Nathan has been attending New Church since February 2012 and has been a member of the Elder Board since 2014. He and his wife Katie live in Winston Salem with their 3 children: Parker, Maddox, and Paisley. Nathan works for a local nonprofit healthcare company and Katie is a stay at home mom. They both have served in a variety of roles at New Church and currently serve in NewKidz.

2017 Family Photo 1.JPG

Mike Lovelace

Mike has been a member of New Church since March of 2011 (opened in January of 2011). Mike is married to Michelle and they have a son Anthony (8). He works for a Fortune 500 company and has been in management for 26 years. Prior to New Church, he was the Men’s Ministry Director at a local church. Over the last eight years, he has volunteered in Newbies, Newkidz, Prayer Team, Groups Leader, set up team, and been an active member of the Elder Board since 2013.


James Nofziger

James has been attending New Church since 2013. He is married to Jen and has 3 children who are now all in college. Over the years James has served on the set-up teams, as a Groups leader, panel speaker for the Racial Reconciliation event, and the Elder Board. Prior to moving to North Carolina James served on a leadership board at his congregation in Indiana and has experience with a building initiative and pastor transitions.


The Elder Board has partnered with a pastor search firm to create a job posting for this position.  A link to the position listing is posted at under the “Transition” tab.  The search firm will then help evaluate candidates.  Once they have compiled a list, the New Church team will start the internal evaluation process. 

A Search Advisory Committee is forming to help with the interview process for our new pastor. Many of the people suggested were by the staff, T.J., and Wendy. We sought a combination of lay leaders and staff who complement one another and provide diverse perspectives including variations in age, race, gender, and ministry areas. The Search Advisory Committee’s involvement will be instrumental in helping the Elder Board review the candidates and find the ideal pastor for New Church. As an Elder directed church, the final decision will be made by the Elder Board. 

The entire pastor search process usually takes 3 to 6 months.  This search most likely will be on the shorter end of that range.

Is there a way to give suggestions for a new pastor? 

Yes.  If you know of someone who might be interested, please direct them to the link once it is posted at

Are there resources to help process this transition? 

You can currently find a prayer guide on our website designed to help people connect to Jesus during this time.  Additionally, you can join one of our Groups which will be starting in October. Groups keep us connected, so we can build friendships, experience life together, and grow in our faith as we study the Bible.

What can I do to help

Most importantly: Pray.  Pray for the church, pray for unity within the congregation, pray for the selection process, pray for the staff, pray for the Ward family, pray for our next pastor and pray for the Elder Board.  Continue to attend and continue to invite.  New Church should continue to be an inviting church that helps people belong so they can become new through Jesus.  Continue to volunteer, or even consider volunteering for the first time.  Continue to support New Church financially.  

How will I know what’s happening moving forward? 

There will be periodic updates on Sunday mornings, but not every week.  Information will also periodically be posted to our website and on social media. 

Will T. J. and Wendy eventually stop attending New Church?

“We will continue to provide support to the Elder Board, our Staff, and our New Church Family by being involved in this transition process as long as it makes sense to do so. We will constantly ask God for guidance regarding when to take steps back from our current roles and responsibilities, so the handoff of leadership can occur in the best way possible. This progression will eventually result in our family being completely removed from regular attendance at New Church, so the next pastor and his family can feel the freedom to immerse themselves into their new community of faith without the pressure of unnecessary comparisons.” - T. J. & Wendy Ward

What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please use the contact link at  The Elder Board or staff will be glad to answer any questions.